"Piero Manzoni: Azimut/Azimuth" - Talk, Art Basel 2012

Massimiliano Gioni, Curator, 55th Venice Biennale and Associate Director, New Museum, New York

Otto Piene, Artist, Düsseldorf/Groton, Massachusetts

Dieter Schwarz, Director, Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Moderator - Mirta d’Argenzio, Curator, Rome

In occasion of the Re-printing of the Magazine “Azimuth” (1959-1960) by Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani

Available on: www.gagosian.com/shop/piero-manzoni—azimut—ggicmspmanz03

 ”Thank you Otto, Dieter and Massimiliano; Honesty, Knowledge and High Irony” - Luca Bosani

"Merda d’artista" (Artist’s Shit) - Piero Manzoni

90 tin cans, 4,8 x 6,5cm each, filled with 30 grams of faeces, 1961

"Everyday someone is speaking about your work Piero" - Luca Bosani

“When written, shit does not smell.”

Roland Barthes

Tracey Emin - interview for The South Bank Show, 2001

"Boundaries between public and private and between class and vulgarity" - Luca Bosani

1. “Immersion (Piss Christ)” - Andres Serrano

152 x 102cm, Photograph, Cibachrome print of a Crucifix in Glass of the artist’s urine, 1987

"What we have done to Christ" - Wendy Beckett (Catholic nun and art critic)

2. “Piss Elegance” - 1987

3. “Piss Discuss” - 1988

4. “Madonna and Child II” - 1989

Andres Serrano - Interview by Miles Barth

"Classy outsider" - Luca Bosani

Terence Koh - interview by Stylelikeu

"Terence, are you still not speaking?" - Luca Bosani

"The Camel was God, the Camel was Shot" - Terence Koh

22 x 179 x 55cm, Cast of the artist’s body, bronze and white patina, 2007

Meat dress research - Luca Bosani, "From something to nothing" 


"My New York" - Performance by Zhang Huan, 2002

"Surprise, Classicism and Innovation mixed perfectly together, Thanks Zhang" - Luca Bosani

Salvador Dalí - Bread research

"In my point of view, the essence of our transitory and modest life with a reference to the cradle" - Luca Bosani

Salvador Dalí - interview by Mike Wallace (part 2)

"The best way to build your self-esteem is through humility and experience; always ready to learn from the others" - Luca Bosani